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Knauf Aquapanel Cement Board

Knauf Aquapanel is a robust and stable weather resistant cement-based cladding and directly applied thin-coat render-backer board which is an economic alternative to traditional brick and block construction, as well as a conventional render carrier board. Available in 2 sizes.
£23.42 excl vat

Knauf Aquapanel Interior Skim 25kg

Knauf Aquapanel Interior Skim is a ready-mixed and water-resistant skim coat for use over Knauf AQUAPANEL® Indoor and Knauf AQUAPANEL® Ceiling systems to create a smooth and level finished surface, ready for painting.
£96.09 excl vat

Knauf Aquapanel Joint Adhesive 310ml

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Joint Adhesive (PU) is a gun-applied polyurethane adhesive used for jointing Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor [only].
£10.56 excl vat

Knauf Aquapanel Joint Tape 20m

Knauf Aquapanel Joint Tape is a 100mm wide glass fibre tape with an alkaline-resistant coating. For use in conjuction with Aquapanel Joint filler and Aquapanel Interior joint filler & Skim Coat to reinforce joints as part of the Knauf AQUAPANEL® Exterior and Interior systems. 20m Roll.
£17.48 excl vat