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Everbuild Multi-Use Wonder Wipes Trade (Pack of 100)

Everbuild Multi-Use Wonder Wipes have become the first choice wipe of the nation’s builders and tradesmen. Specially formulated to clean hands, tools, and surfaces.
£8.35 excl vat

Jumbo General Purpose Sponge

Jumbo General Purpose Sponge for cleaning and preparation work.
£2.17 excl vat

Ultagrime Pro XXL+ Multiuse Clothwipes (100)

Ultagrime Pro XXL+ Multiuse Clothwipes (100) special formula is designed to handle any and all messes no matter your line of work. Whether you need to clean up oil, grease, ink, paint, silicones, or uncured PU foam, reach for your UltraGrime® Pro Multiuse Clothwipes to handle it. The beauty is in the cloth-like fabric that won’t rip or deteriorate during use. Plus, these wipes stay wetter and usable for longer than any other wipe, so you can go from one mess to the next with ease. Forget about costly cleansing solutions and wimpy paper towels and go for the wipes made to do it all.
£10.46 excl vat

Ultagrime Pro XXL+ Power Scrub Clothwipes (80)

Ultagrime Pro XXL+ Power Scrub Clothwipes (80) takes out stubborn, ground-in grease, dirt & grime with ease – these Clothwipes have a textured side for extra scrubbing power.
£11.94 excl vat

Ultragrime Pro XXL Glass & Stainless Wipes (50)

The Ultra Grime Pro XXL cuts through dirt and stain on glass and stainless steel surfaces, designed for a streak-free and versatile use.
£6.50 excl vat