Ground Gas Ancillaries

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Black Butyl Tape 30mm x 30m

Visqueen double sided butyl tape is a high performance butyl based mastic double sided jointing tape for jointing products in a wide range of application including radon barriers. Supplied in 30m rolls.
£19.40 incl vat

Visqueen Radon Sump

Visqueen Radon Sump is a pre-fabricated PVC moulded unit consisting of four outlets. The system requires 110mm pipework to be connected with the pipework joints been fully sealed. 460mm diameter with 110mm size outlets.
£30.17 incl vat

Visqueen Radon Top Hat (Inc Clip)

Visqueen Top Hat Units are used to provide an effective seal around service pipe penetrations. Supplied with metal jubilee clips. Available in 2 sizes .
£9.44 incl vat

Visqueen Double Sided Joint Tape 50mm x 10m

Visqueen Double Sided Jointing Tape is a high performance double sided butyl mastic tape. Supplied with an oversize release film. This is ideal for damp proof membrane joints. Supplied in 50mm x 10 metre length rolls.
£10.30 incl vat

Visqueen Foilback Girth Joint Tape 75mm x 50m

Visqueen Foil Backed Girth Joint Tape is a single sided tape that is reinforced with a foil back and a silver finish. This is used for sealing and bonding the overlaps of gas membranes in order to combat any potential leakage. Supplied in 75mm x 50 metre length rolls.
£19.87 incl vat

Visqueen GR Detailing Strip 300mm x 10m

Visqueen GR Detailing Strip is a composite of PET/aluminium and a high performance cold weather butyl compound. It ensures continuity of gas, waterproofing, and damp protection at complex junctions, terminations and stanchions. Exceptional adhesion at low temperatures. Strip size: 300mm x 10 metre length roll.
£83.63 incl vat

Visqueen Ultimate Lap Tape 150mm x 10m

Visqueen Ultimate Gas Resistant (GR) Lap Tape is an aluminium/HDPE composite with a thick bitumen adhesive layer. The tape has a release film. Available in 150mm x 10m rolls.
£46.93 incl vat