Hexdrain Range

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ACO Plastic Channel with Grating 1.0m A15

ACO HexDrain is a plastic A15 load class channel drain built from recycled polypropylene for high strength and high durability. Designed with 8 possible outlet positions, this unique A15 channel drain can be used in domestic drainage projects such as along garage thresholds, landscaping projects and a range of DIY garden and patio applications. Both the ACO HexDrain base and grate come in 1m lengths and the base has markings at 500mm for easy cutting and measuring.
£11.79 excl vat

ACO Hexdrain Brickslot Corner Unit

The ACO HexDrain Brickslot Corner Unit allows you to join up to 4 HexDrain Brickslot channels together. It is able to accept inputs from any of the four sides, and also has a removable spigot to allow connection to a 110mm PVC-U pipe directly underneath. Ideal for Garage Thresholds, Patios and Paths, Pedestrian Precincts, and Block Paving.
£31.88 excl vat

ACO Hexdrain Channel 1.0m B125

The ACO HexDrain Channel is a high strength, high quality channel drainage system suitable for domestic drainage applications including landscaping, driveways and pathways.
£39.05 excl vat

ACO Hexdrain Brickslot Channel 1.0m

The ACO HexDrain Brickslot is a discreet and unobtrusive slot drainage system for domestic and light traffic installation, ideal for use in block paving or at thresholds.
£13.27 excl vat