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Building Sand

General purpose building sand suitable for a wide range of purposes like bricklaying, internal rendering and the production of mortar. Available in 25kg and bulk bags.
£1.74 excl vat

Kiln Dried Fine Sand

Kiln Dried Fine Sand is ideal for filling the joints in block paving or laying paving slabs in a sand and cement mix. Supplied in a 25 kilogram bag.
£4.61 excl vat

Paving Sand

Paving Sand is the ideal base material for laying your flags or pavers on. Paving Sand has a slightly coarse texture to allow free drainage and prevent wash away. Available in Bulk Bags.
£40.28 excl vat

Silver Sand 25kg Bag

Silver Sand is a lighter finer sand used for a variety of construction applications. It can be used for several purposes, mainly landscaping, such as plant bedding, top-dressing for lawns and a variety of decorative uses. It is also ideal for mixing with composts for seed sowing and root cuttings, due to is soft texture and low toxicity. Available in a 25kg bag.
£5.23 excl vat

Washed Plastering Sand

Washed Plastering Sand is a fine grade of sand, used for plastering and creating renders both internally and externally. Available in 25kg and Bulk Bags
£2.36 excl vat

White Limestone Sand 25kg

White Limestone Sand is a fine grade sand used in the Building, Agriculture and Industry sectors. Supplied in a 25 kilogram bag.
£5.07 excl vat

Flood Sand Bag

Flood prevention sandbags are made from white woven polypropylene and are designed for flood prevention. Also suitable for a range of general purpose tasks.
£2.67 excl vat