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Lighthouse Front & Rear LED Headlight

Lighthouse Front & Rear LED Headlight provides a super bright beam and offers both high and low output. For added versatility and safety the headlight features a rear facing flashing red warning lamp.
£11.09 incl vat

Tala 110V 30 Watt Twin Led Floodlight With Tripod

Die-casting aluminum body. Powder coated finish. Tempered glass lens. Colour temperature: 2700K~8000K. Wired 3m 1.5mm cable and fitted 16A CEE plug. With 2 PTO sockets and metal guard.
£132.60 incl vat

Tala 20 Watt LED Task Light

20W LED light, 2000 lumens, 3m cable with built-in storage, 1 socket outlet. Impact resistant case. Waterproof rated to IP54. Power take-off, run lights in series. Available voltages: 110V and 220V.
£38.35 incl vat

Tala 36 Watt Led Up Light 110V

Enables you to bring natural light to your outdoor and indoor projects, as in all kind of tough and harsh conditions.
£114.31 incl vat

Tala Rechargeable Led 20 Watt Light

Heavy duty aluminium body. IP65 rated. 3x1.5m length cable. With 7.4V 6Ah Li-Ion battery. 4-5 hour charging time. 3-6 hour working time.
£63.83 incl vat

Tala Task Light 38 Watt

38W fluorescent light. Mirror back panel. IP44 rated. 3m cable with plug. Available voltages: 110V and 220V.
£32.47 incl vat